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Welcome to FAQ Guide, your ultimate source that has all your basic questions answered. If you are wondering, how to make some basic things work in your house, garden or garage - we've got you covered!

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Just step in, ask your 'How To ...' question using the site search bar and get detailed answers, along with step-by-step tutorials and video instructions. We are proud to say, that our resource is 100% free of charge, so you are welcome to take advantage of it!

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Our experts have collected a database of questions that many people ask. Yet, some questions still remained unanswered or had very little helpful info. So, our team worked hard to get detailed answers, instructions and guides for each question or concern.

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We know, that it may be time-consuming and frustrating to search for the basic info you need and keep browsing dozens of websites to finally get every aspect of your question covered. So, in our guide you will get detailed information on the topics we cover.

What questions do we answer?

We are focused on the questions regular people ask. Normally, these questions are about DIY-things, daily routine, cooking and gardening, repairs, and other questions we may daily need answers for. This is a guide that's created by people and for people. We value your time and our work, so we have only quality and proven information. We know, how the things work and will gladly share this knowledge with you!

What if you don't find the answer

We keep working every day to make sure we have as much quality info as possible. Yet, it is impossible to cover every single question. So, if you do not seem to find the answer you need, try rephrasing your question first. If it does not help, just send us an e-mail, and we will work on your question as soon as we can and will create a new article with the answer and instruction for you and other people who may be interested in this topic.