What does exacerbate mean?

Full Definition of exacerbate

transitive verb. : to make more violent, bitter, or severe The new law only exacerbates the problem.

Can a person be exacerbating?

verb (used with object), ex·ac·er·bat·ed, ex·ac·er·bat·ing. to increase the severity, bitterness, or violence of (disease, ill feeling, etc.); aggravate. to embitter the feelings of (a person); irritate; exasperate.

How do you spell exasperate exacerbate?

Exacerbate means to make something more violent, bitter or severe. Exasperate means to irritate someone or cause them to get annoyed.

What part of speech is the word exacerbate?

transitive verb
part of speech:transitive verb
inflections:exacerbates, exacerbating, exacerbated

Is Exhaustipated a word?

Exhaustipated is a portmanteau — a word composed of parts of other words — that derives from exhausted and constipated. … Exhaustipated is not officially a word yet but it’s been submitted to various online dictionaries besides the Urban Dictionary, where you can get it on a coffee mug.

What is the meaning of exacerbates disparities?

(exacerbates 3rd person present) (exacerbating present participle) (exacerbated past tense & past participle )If something exacerbates a problem or bad situation, it makes it worse.

What is another word for exacerbation?

What is another word for exacerbation?

What does the word exacerbated mean in medical terms?

Exacerbation: A worsening. In medicine, exacerbation may refer to an increase in the severity of a disease or its signs and symptoms. For example, an exacerbation of asthma might occur as a serious effect of air pollution, leading to shortness of breath.

What is the meaning of exacerbate in Oxford dictionary?

​exacerbate something to make something worse, especially a disease or problem synonym aggravate. His aggressive reaction only exacerbated the situation.

What’s a word for made worse?

make worse. synonyms: aggravate, exasperate, worsen. Antonyms: ameliorate, amend, better, improve, meliorate. make better. ameliorate, better, improve, meliorate.

What does severe exacerbation mean?

In such studies, a moderate exacerbation is defined as an increase in symptoms that requires treatment with antibiotics and/or corticosteroids and a severe exacerbation is one that requires hospitalization.

What is exacerbation of chronic illness?

An exacerbation must be defined by: an increase in symptom intensity occurring after a certain period of time since the last exacerbation (so that treatment failure can be excluded as the cause of the event); and the contribution of social criteria or reasons concerning the choice of therapy.

What are the two types of treatment that are used for exacerbations?

People with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) may occasionally have symptom exacerbations, or flare-ups. Treatments options for exacerbations include bronchodilators, corticosteroids, antibiotics, oxygen therapy, and ventilation. COPD is the name given to a group of long-term lung diseases.

How long does it take to recover from an exacerbation?

Substantial recovery of lung function and airway inflammation occurs in the first week after onset of an AECOPD, whilst systemic inflammatory markers may take up to two weeks to recover. Symptoms generally improve over the first 14 days, however marked variation is evident between studies and individuals.