Whats the definition of shattered?

1 : to cause to drop or be dispersed. 2a : to break at once into pieces. b : to damage badly : ruin. 3 : to cause the disruption or annihilation of : demolish. intransitive verb.

What does feeling shattered mean?

extremely upset. We feel emotionally shattered by what’s happened. Synonyms and related words. Feeling sad or unhappy.

What is a shattered dream?

What is it? “Shattered Dreams” is an educational experience that shows us of the dangers associated with drinking and driving. It reminds us that too many young lives have already been lost and countless others severely impaired because of the tragic consequences of underage drinking combined with driving.

What is the synonym of shattered?

Words Related to shattered. busted. (also bust), fractured, fragmented.

What is shattered mind?

3 tr to dumbfound or thoroughly upset.

What does shattered mean in British slang?

shattered adjective (TIRED)

C2 UK informal. extremely tired: By the time I got home, I was shattered.

What’s another word for broken heart?

What is another word for broken heart?

What is the sentence of shattered?

Shattered sentence example. His attention was instantly drawn to the shattered cellular phone. He’ll be shattered , ruined. Let me enjoy the shattered pieces you left.

What does it mean when someone says you broke my heart?

If someone breaks your heart, they make you very sad and unhappy, usually because they end a love affair or close relationship with you. [literary] I fell in love on vacation but the girl broke my heart. See full dictionary entry for heart.

What do you call a relationship that is broken?

A relationship breakup, or simply just breakup, is the termination of a relationship by any means other than death. … The term is less likely to be applied to a married couple, where a breakup is typically called a separation or divorce.

What to say to someone who has hurt you deeply?

First, objectively summarize the situation that hurt you. Then, identify the feeling it triggered in you. Finally, explain your thoughts about the feeling. So for example, you might try, “Yesterday, you gave me a lot of unsolicited advice about a problem I’m having at work.

What is a fancy word for SAD?

bitter, dismal, heartbroken, melancholy, mournful, pessimistic, somber, sorrowful, sorry, unhappy, wistful, bad, dark, depressing, miserable, moving, pathetic, pitiful, poignant, regrettable.

What do you call a person who doesn’t want to hurt others?

Compassionate. Kind. Empathetic. Wise. Even simply ‘polite.

What do you do when the person you love hurts you?

The only way to truly stop feeling guilty after you’ve hurt someone you love is to forgive yourself. Self-forgiveness is the only way to truly recover and move forward after you’ve hurt someone you love. Before forgiving yourself for having hurt someone you love, though, you’ll want to apologize to them first.

How do you make someone realize they hurt you?

How to make someone feel really bad (and why you might want to)
  1. Focus their attention on a specific problem they have (or have had)
  2. Ask questions which highlight the physical and emotional pain it causes.
  3. Continue asking questions for several minutes, keeping their attention focussed on the problem and their pain.

When you can’t get someone off your mind are they thinking of you?

While not a hard and fast rule, it’s likely that being unable to get someone off your mind indicates that they’re thinking about you, too. The experience was enjoyable for both of you, you’re both still feeling the thrill of the conversation, the experience, or whatever the interaction may have been.

How do you get over someone you slept with?

To get over a guy, start by limiting contact. Stop calling, texting, and emailing. Manage your emotions. Allow yourself to grieve, but remember it’s not your fault if someone did not want the same type of relationship you did.

Why do we fall in love with someone we can’t have?

We want to fulfill a fantasy. We want to prove to ourselves and others we deserve to have them. We unconsciously placed superhuman characteristics on our object of desire. The less the person reciprocates, the more time we tend to invest trying to get the person to reciprocate.